I have a fascination for cycles of flourish and decay in the natural world and the human figure and translate these feelings through sculpted objects. A focus on the figure and the finding the human essence in objects opened a door into the fascinating world of casting. Replicating the human form brings me an awareness and closeness to surface, imperfection, objectification. Humans as objects and objects that become human. 


Living in the Hudson Valley of New York Kelly is currently pursuing graduate studies at Hunter College NYC. After serving as the Director of Education at R&F Handmade Paints she was inspired to return to school to expand her ability to teach in the arts. She has taught through a variety of art organizations including: Castle Hill Center for the Arts, Women's Studio Workshop and R&F. Having completed her undergraduate studies in 2007 with a BFA in Sculpture from SUNY New Paltz she continues to engage in an active and exploratory studio practice.